Who am I?

I’m Karim Chiboune, CEO / Trainer Massage TuiNa-K / Massage therapist

Places where I have worked as a freelancer since 2009.

Le Meurice, Le Ritz, Le Fouquet’s Barrière, Le George V, Le Park Hyatt, Le Renaissance, Le Pavillon de la Reine, Le Plaza Athéné…, international stars of cinema and music… all in Paris, France.

My certifications to Paris, France

Certified in TuiNa massage by Dr Kulin ZHANG June 2008.
Certified in foot massage by Dr Kulin ZHANG July 2008.
Certified in belly massage by Dr Kulin ZHANG June 2009.
Certified in Lymphatic Drainage manual technique by Dr Vodder 2010.

What is TuiNa-K

TuiNa-K is a traditional Chinese wellness massage largely inspired by the origins of Tuina, a therapeutic massage technique used in clinics and hospitals in countries as diverse as China, Belgium, Canada and the USA and perfected over the years by Karim; hence the K.

TuiNa-K Individual training in well-being massage

11 rue Perronet, 75007 Paris

Training times: Sunday 8am to 2pm

Rest of the week to be agreed with you.